We have what you need for your feathered friends!

poultry feed store, Uxbridge, MAFeed them the best and it will make a difference!

We offer:

    • Chick Starter Crumbles

    • Poultry Grower Finisher Crumblets

    • Scratch Feed

    • Quik Grow Broiler Crumbles*

    • Layer Pellets and Layer Mash

    • Egg Production Plus Crumblets

    • Turkey Starter Crumbles*

    • Turkey/Game Bird Grower

*Seasonal-special orders welcome 

bill bantam rooster poultry feed store Uxbridge, MAAll of the poultry feed (except Scratch) contains MOS. MOS is a natural product containing Mannonokligosahrides and Beta Glucans. These natural compounds help to prevent infection and spread of disease-causing bacteria by natural stimulation of the animals immune system and binding toxins! MOS has been proven effective in cattle, swine, poultry, rabbit, pet foods, and many others.

Quik Grow Broiler, Egg Production Plus and Turkey/Game Bird is Omega 3 enhanced. Omega 3 fatty acid enhanced feeds are shown to alter the composition of animal products such as milk, eggs, and meat. Foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids has been researched and proven by FDA and Canadian researchers to improve human health.

chicks poultry feed store Uxbridge, MANow that you have chosen a high quality and fresh feed your one-stop shopping experience offers other needed poultry items such as FEEDERS, WATERERS, OYSTER SHELLS, GRIT, BROODER LAMPS AND HEAT BULBS, EGG CARTONS, POULTRY RX, ANTIBIOTICS, DECCOX, AUREOMYCIN AND DIATOMACEOUS EARTH.

SPRING AND SUMMER brings baby chicks, ducklings, and turkeys! We offer healthy babies just 3 days old several times during the spring and summer months with special orders welcomed! Visit this site often to view delivery days and offerings starting in May.


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